Monday, November 01, 2004

What is the definition of "A Professionally Produced Play on the Legitimate Stage"?

The answer to that definition may or may not keep me out of the next round. But more on that in just a sec . . .

So last Friday (Oct 29) was the day that I had arbitrarily set as the deadline on whether or not I made it from Round 3 to Round 4. It was purely based upon my interacton with the production company and the fact they had given me the good news late in the week for the previous two rounds. My background questionnaire had been delivered on Monday as requested. But interestingly enough, my professional and personal references had not been contacted and it didn't seem like my website had gotten any significant hits. However, I did notice that my site had gotten more hits from Googling "Byron Yee" than usual for the past month. As Friday afternoon became Friday end of day, I was resigned to the fact that I had not made the cut.

On Friday, I played Texas Hold'em at Poker Stars (my new obsession) and Saturday morning I got up early and watched my alma mater Oklahoma beat Oklahoma State at Yankee Doodle's in Santa Monica with all the other Sooner ex-patriates. Sunday, I had all of two trick-or-treaters come by my apartment. I basically caught up on my sleep this weekend.

Monday, here I am at my day job, getting some work done when I get a call from the contest coordinator seeking some clarification. The one question they had from the background check had to do with my one man show "Paper Son". He had gotten word from the network that they wanted to know the performance history going back to its inception.

It's always been produced by me (hardly professional) and my understanding of the legimate stage is that usually means the union is involved (which I've never been in that situation).

So here I am. Waiting once more. If they don't call by end of day Tuesday . . . . .


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