Friday, September 29, 2006

Bill Frist, Sir, You Have Lost My Vote

I am a registered Republican. I consider myself a moderate, kind of like Schwarzenegger. I have many Libertarian views and would consider myself a social liberal and fiscal conservative.

Tonight, Bill Frist was able to attach to the Port Security bill the online gambling prohibition bill. I play online poker. I've gotten pretty decent at it. It is what I do for relaxation. Frist is running for President. He will never get my vote and I will actively support anyone who runs against him. The sad thing is that he never stood a chance of getting the Republican nomination.

Why is this important? It's just another example of the hypocrisy of morality. We have Vegas, Indian casinos, state lotteries, horse racing, and dog racing. We tax those and tax those again. The same should be done for online casinos and online poker. In fact, the industry would welcome that.

But moral conservatives will have you believe that online gambling is wrong and must be stopped. They are shocked, shocked that gambling is going on. It distracts them from their Church bingo night.

Without any committee discussion or debate on the floor, I can no longer get sucked out on the river by a three outer. Fuck you, Bill Frist.