Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Denial on Betsy's Blog . . . .

First off I want to thank Betsy who put up a blog at http://bmcn40.tblog.com/ several weeks ago about Situation: Comedy. I only found it last week and posted that I had made it to Round 3 where I eventually got called out by an anonymous poster. There were many in Round 2 (more than 50) who have been holding out hope they would advance. To the best of my knowledge, I was the only one to post that I had made Round 3 (the final 10). Some accepted it, others accused me of lying. So goes life on the blogs.

Hope is a wonderful thing. My favorite movie about hope is "The Shawshank Redemption". But the fact of the matter is if these hopefuls had not received the Round 3 questionnaires, they are simply not in the running. It took a full week after I had submitted my documentation for the production company to come back to me for clarification and start calling my references. They had to do the criminal background check before they proceeded any further. It did force me to take immediate action and do online traffic school for the illegal left turn I made on Sunset Blvd several months ago - an incredible trap in Hollywood east of LaBrea . . .

For me, I still have hope. They have talked to at least three of my references yesterday but some of the others did not receive messages (they certainly may have been called but no message left). Since I'm in LA, it's not a big deal to schedule me in for the pitch meetings in Round 4. They have a stated goal that they will choose the final 2 by November 12th which means the pitches have to be next week.


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