Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Still more questions than answers at this point. I've taken a look at scheduling and it's literally five full weeks of production to put this together with a half week for Thanksgiving and a half week at the end, just in case. What's this going to be worth? According to the WGA, the compensation 15 minutes and under, non network, low budget will be $8691. (See

From my talk with the field producer last night, there are at least three LA based writers in the mix (including myself). The tenative schedule is to start the interview/shooting at 3:30pm on Friday in Beverly Hills. They wanted to do it in my apartment but it is a complete mess and I've got access to my buddy's office which should look good on camera. They told me it would take two hours or so.

Again, all of the questions I have can't be answered at the level I have access to right now. I am scheduled to fly off to Reno, NV on Saturday, November 13th for the NACA West Convention where I'm attempting to get "Paper Son" booked in the college ane university circuit. When they choose the finalists, they begin production on November 15th, the second day of the contest and I've got to find a way to do both.


At 4:23 PM, Blogger Jimmy Turner said...

Good luck to you, bro. I was/am one of the "final 50". It's been really kind of you to keep us posted, and allow those of us waiting on pins and needles the opportunity to get the facts, and move on. I wish you all the luck in the world, and will be rooting for the reign of the "Paper Son!" If you go to series, and need a professional stand-up comic on staff, give me a call. :-) (Shameless to the grave!)

Jimmy Turner

At 7:58 PM, Blogger Zach Van Dyke said...

I'm rooting for you too! Thanks so much for the info. I don't understand why BRAVO is being so secretive. Let us move on. Well, I'm in Santa Monica too. Been out here for about a year and a half. Good luck!!!


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