Thursday, November 04, 2004

I have sneaking suspicions at this time . . .

So they've changed the two hour interview for Friday afternoon to just some B roll footage of me getting into my car in front of my apartment (to be shot Friday morning) and driving off to go to the Monday thing.

Ahhh, the Monday thing. For the first time, they have told me that I am supposed to be someplace for an all day Monday shoot.

The information being doled out is sparse and by the low level staffers but I'm having a tough time believing that they have not already cut down to the final five.

I spoke with a lawyer from NBC this afternoon who pretty much asked me the same questions from the 20 page questionnaire I filled out a couple of weeks ago. I had to really put on the censor filter as they asked me questions like, "Have you ever appeared in a porno movie?" Correct answer: No. The answer I wanted to give, "No, but I've seen so many I pretty much consider myself an expert on the subject." Or "Have you ever had a restraining order filed against you?" "Yes, she was really hot!"

So back to Monday. Are they really flying in the top ten to make the cut to the top five? This is a cable show with a tight budget. The out of town people have to have had their flights booked and hotel reservations made. All this to get a dejected look when they're sent back to LAX? Unlikely. I'm in LA so they can yank me around and tell me little. But it doesn't make sense to me.

According to the rules, Round 3 contestants have a background check but only Round 4 are "required to be in Los Angeles" for several days of pitch meetings. Hmmmm . . .

And of course, the cardinal rule in LA is "Never believe anything anyone tells you."

For now, I'm thinking and focusing on all the pitching that I'll have to do to get to the final two. The first draft of this script was done back in February and I've gone through several iterations of characters and plot. I know them well. It really is about characters first. The situation is secondary. I'll pull my previous drafts which will help in the rewrites and may actually try and bang out some side scenes so I've got material to work from when they want to change everything.


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