Friday, December 16, 2005


Last week I had the pleasure of seeing J.O.B. - The Hip Hopera. I had orginally seen it at the 2003 Edmonton Fringe where I had returned with Paper Son as a warm up for my Los Angeles run. J.O.B. was a huge hit on the Canadian circuit and they consistently sold out. I never had a chance to meet with them but when I found out they were coming to LA, I started to e-mail Eli and Jerome about my experiences of producing here in LA.

Now first off, I don't like rap or hip-hop (is there a difference?). It's not my "thang". But J.O.B. was nothing less than an incredibly inventive piece of theatre. It is the story of Job told in hip hop by two jewish guys from Montreal who went to Brown. If it plays anywhere, I highly recommend you see it.


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