Wednesday, December 07, 2005

So I'm bringing this blog back - not that it went away but the fact is, I don't think I've got what it takes to be a blogger. But, what the hell, let's give it the good ole college try.

The whole "Situation: Comedy" which preceded this is a long drunken rehab memory ago. The show itself was a miserable failure and I stopped watching it after I was cut in the first half hour. I had to ask someone else what eventually happened since the ratings were so abysmal that Bravo eventually buried it on their Friday night schedule after it couldn't hack it on Tuesdays.

I'll probably tell an anecdote or two about my experience but overall it stopped "Strings" for about a year since NBC Universal held the option which I just got back.

My celebrity sighting of the week was going into the bathroom of the AMC 6 in Santa Monica after seeing "Syriana". Coming out was Dustin Hoffman. It happened so quick, I couldn't even say "plastics".

Last night, thanks to FIND and a three month free Netflix membership (all so I can see "nominated" Independent Spirit Award Films - yeah, right), I did see a nominated film, "Me and You and Everybody We Know". I must say that I enjoyed it quite a bit. In particular, my friend Bobby Slayton's daughter, Natasha Slayton was in it. She makes out with a girl and blows a guy. I'm sure Bobby's never been prouder.

I had lunch today at the newly renovated food court at Westfield Century City. They had tents up for the upcoming "The Producers" opening. Nicer and more expensive. I usually have the Gyro plate at Gulen's and what was under $9 (gyro plate with fries instead of rice and ranch dressing on my salad with a diet coke) now comes in at $10 and some change. The plate is bigger so that means the portions are bigger.

Tonight is our "filming" night in my acting class where we videotape our scenes for playback next week. I'm doing a scene from "You've Got Mail" which I've never seen and I had to have the backstory explained to me. We'll see how it goes.


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