Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Narnia vs Kong

So the CAPE event last Thursday was loud and little networking was done by me. It was held at SUR (I guess the couldn't afford the E) at Robertson & Melrose and was held in a small gallery type room next to the restaurant. Hey, the beer and wine were free. Tamilyn Tomita was there (she had her name tag on) and someone who probably was Garret Wang but his nametag only said "Garrett". I had a nice talk with a Korean guy who's importing Korean comic books into the US. He tells me that native Korean speakers think Daniel Dae Kim is a joke - his Korean is apparently akin to a Southern accent. Boy, Asian American actors can't get a break anywhere.

I caught "The Chronicles of Narnia" and tried not to let the Christian subtext get to me. But there was something disconcerting win Aslan (Jesus) gives a big, huge sword to a 14 year old so he can start killing things. I think I missed that in the New Testament. Also, there was something very Michael Jackson creepy with the Fauns. It was just . . . weird. Sure, it could seem innocent but the site of a hairy, half naked man with chidlike qualities was creepy.

Kong was everything it's been built up to be. Although I think from now on, it's mandatory for Andy Serkis to be killed in every Peter Jackson movie. (Twice in Kong). I thought the first act missed on some character arc points but once you get to the island, watch out! Naomi Watts is once again in fine form and a very gutsy Ann Darrow who's very good at running away and climbing the Empire State Building spire. I declare Adrien Brody out of his post Oscar slump although it was a very unrealistic Hollywood movie plot point when the writer gets the girl.

I'm looking for a WiFi place to hang out at in Santa Monica. I guess I can always go to the new Santa Monica library when it opens in early 2006. I tried Panera Bread on 5th & Wilshire but they turn off their WiFi at lunch. The Office Online is closing to the general public on March 1st (which means me).


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