Friday, November 05, 2004

Faking Reality . . .

So, today we shot me in front of a wiring closet pulling RJ45 cables and talking to the camera. Then we went over to the field producer's house in West LA where I talked about my script and then they filmed me packing my suitcase, getting into my car and driving off. So to recap, we shot at a place I don't work anymore and shot at a house that's not mine (complete with a dog that's not mine).

The field producer and crew knew less about the show than I did. I've been told maybe Monday evening is when I need to be ready next.

They shot another semi-finalist before me and there was no one after me. Am I one of two in the LA area and the other three are outside? I didn't press for any info and they didn't volunteer anything.

I think I came off okay and I tend to ramble. All the field producer wanted was some good sound bites and I gave it to her.


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